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Contact to other kindergartens, especially to those working with the concept of “kindergarten in motion”, on a regular basis




Exchange of experiences




Common further training




Common play and sport events




Have a meet and greet at the elementary school for children in the area to get to know each other




Collaboration with registered associations






Cooperation with registered sport associations




The offer and range of sport activities in kindergarten can be enhanced especially through sport associations and clubs. As well as the first contact to organized sport. This can be successful if clubs adjust their program to the individual needs of kindergarten children. Hence, in a playful manner not just yet oriented on the actual sport.




Use of club facilities




Program for kindergarten children, either in the club facility or in the kindergarten, arranged by a certified coach (e.g. swimming lessons)




Integration into the club life (e.g. attending a sports meeting)






Close Cooperation with associations from the community and state