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Playful tasks improving coordination


Run and walk on narrow paths or uneven surfaces (alternatively backwards or hop)

balance a leaf or chestnut on the head

Short distance competitive runs

Cover a distance with short and long steps

Balance a leaf or chestnut on the head

Be a shadow to your partner doing the same movements

Walking uphill and downhill as well as walking towards or with the wind

Walk, run or jump on paving stones without touching the intersections

Do a slalom around trees (among others)

Jump around little puddles

Build a little walking course out of branches and wood that has to be passed through

Crawl through obstacles or overcome them

Explore a coppice


Balance on tree trunks, border stones or little walls

balance on little walls

Throw acorns, chestnuts, snowballs, among others, from different distances at e.g. trees

Jump from little elevations or into different targets (e.g. painted circles)

Observe animals and mimic them

Test the numerous movement possibilities on playground equipment to improve the coordination repertoire

Throw, catch and roll balls

Climb a hillside, possibly pull oneself up with a rope

In autumn, make a pile out of leafs and have a blast

Make footprints in the snow and try walk in the steps