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Priorities for the cooperation with (the) families are the exchange of information, the experience of movement activities as well as the design and arrangement of the moving day nursery.






Family hiking

A trip or hiking-day is used for communication and can help to ensure that the children (maybe even some adults) develop moving rooms and opportunities that exceed the time and personnel frame of the day nursery. Depending on the specific local conditions, the following destinations would be possible: outdoor pools, farms or craft centres, deer parks, climbing, or other territorial hiking attractions. The hiking may be interspersed with games in (the) nature and with natural materials.



Fragments of ideas for games in nature:

Hiding games, catching games, ball games, small relays
Information: make clear agreements on field boundaries, protection of animals and plants!



Fragments of ideas for games with natural materials:

throwing different goals with pine cones, chestnuts, acorns and more

revolve the obstacle course with the support of the parents (walk around trees, crawl by obstacles, skip small ditches, balance on tree trunks, pulling up on branches, climbing, climbing up a tree ...)

building a snow shelter or a sukkah

other examples at the fall sports day






Regular family days

Examples of themes and contents of (the) monthly family days
(experience from kindergarten “Zwergenland” in Dittmannsdorf)

Fall sports day

stations with cone distance throwing, potato run, sack race

Kite festival

in the garden of the kindergarten the harvest is displayed and everybody can try it, after that everybody is flying the kite they brought


with a pageant

Sledding afternoon

parents/grandparents and children are sledding together

Spring cleaning

cleaning of the kindergarten, building of a wicker tunnel, tipis etc.


• sightseeing around the environment of the home-town,
• game and sports day around the kindergarten
• snippet hunt
• visit of a riding school


relays and other little games


from the Landessportbund

Story telling/theatre:

The parents play for the children (!), afterwards buffet and trying of sport articles.