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Main objective


Possible topics








To change motion spaces and motion opportunities


 One room is becoming a room for movement
 Games Poster
Making your own motion material
Construction of a frisbee-equipment








To live healthier by moving


 Fit and healthy - with every step
Leisure time in motion









One room is becoming a room for motion

paint possible changes/requests , afterwards agree upon the facts

look for further possibilities of motion for the room and try them

write down a list of playing equipment and materials which are required

make up an estimation of costs

looking for ideas for the procurement, take parents into consideration

create own devices for motion

realize the transformation with the support of the parents and others






Games Poster

to explore possibilities for motion corners in the buildings and/or in the outdoor

necessary station equipment and supplies

explore ways to play

write down suggestions for others, even impulses ( "Try ...")

create a poster and display it in the motion area (paint posters for the younger students)






Fit and healthy - with every step

healthy breakfast

collect and try games for the leisure time (games “on the doorstep”, “old” children's games, dances)

prepare and do a cross country race together

produce a healthy breakfast

extemporizing about the topic