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Experience with inclined planes


rolling equipment, inclined planes


Inclined planes have to be found in the day nursery area and its surroundings together. Diverse experiences shall be gathered depending on the consistency of the inclined planes, for example by running down and up again, down and up again with a roll or (get) sliding devices, rolling sideways on the inclined plane, roll down different balls, rollers, etc. The several run experiences are exchanged.


build inclined planes by yourself, for example in the gym by mounting long benches to move on in the wall bars (to move on)






Playing with your shadow


With sunshine, the children discover how and where shadows occur and how they change. They feel the temperature difference between sun and shadow, estimate it and compare their solution with the measured value. They let their own shadows dance and run after for the shade of the partner.


construct a sun shield or a sundial

create a shadow in space by using a light source

create and perform shadow games

”catch“ the shadow of the partner






Experience different undergrounds


In the day nursery area or on a walk, the children search for different surfaces (grass, sand, forest floor ...). They touch the underground, if possible go (out) barefoot on them. They try which one is the best ground to run, jump, stand on one leg, roll or bounce different balls. They have a close look at the ground and search for plants and animals.


take samples and examine them with a magnifying glass

mix it with water






Plants Rally


task cards, labels, pens


Routes are selected for the day nursery area or the adjacent park / meadow and appropriate task cards are prepared. Small groups run away from the educator radially depending on the task, they solve the problem, go back again and get a new map that leads them into a different direction. Possible exercises:

“Run up to the single oak tree and bring back a piece of fruit!”

“Balance for a while on the herbaceous border!”

“Everyone draws a different flower in the school garden / on the lawn, and 
writes its name under it!”


Connect it to riddles, for example: It is big, like a giant and small, like a Tom Thumb! It has spines like a hedgehog and is smooth as a mirror! (Chestnut).






Hunting Plan

Treasure map


“treasures”, pens, paper


Small groups of children hide a “treasure” and draw it into a sketch of the day nursery area. They give the plan to another group. Can the children find the ”treasure”?


hide several objects

discuss why there were possibly problems

select an area outside of the day nursery

Include landmarks and directions

design it as an adventure hike