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Schools and day nurseries are living and learning environments for children. Even if the goals, tasks and conditions differ, the same children are the centre of all educational efforts. Therefore, cooperation is essential. If more motion should be placed in the day nursery and the school, the following objectives could be targeted:



common design and use of exercise rooms and equipment

coordination of educational processes in motion

performing of movement experiences

full-day offers for exercise, games and sports






Welcoming the newcomers

At the end of the first week of school all pupils can meet in the day nursery around lunch time to meet the new students of the 1st grade. These should wear their name on a hat, the clothing or on a balloon. After a welcoming game (e.g. when the music stops hand clap with a partner and call his name) small groups are formed around each new student that who learn his name. The groups move from station to station, where over the entire area games and sports equipment distributed from school and the day nursery are located. The different groups consider possibilities of motion with these devices. The older children can have a sort of godfather function. At the end, all children perform little dance games / dance songs such as “1, 2, 3 im Sauseschritt”, “Wer rechts und links nicht unterscheiden kann” etc.






Sports day through the entire village/city
(idea by elementary school Mockrehna, in Dinter & Müller, 2008, S. 61-62)

On school sports day the groups walk after a road map like in orienteering to the individual stations in the village/city. Safe places are to be selected. On the individual stations (care and companionship by educators, teachers, parents) athletic requirements have to be accomplished, e.g. goal shooting, scooter races, pedalo relay, group relay, ball transfer, risk throwing, crawling tunnel, aiming etc. The fulfilment is recorded and evaluated on the road map. A final run through parts of the village (with balloons) could finish the sports day.