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Opening of the day nursery

The day nursery could open its doors and offer movement and play activities for other children (and adults), for example for the friends of the children in day nursery or children who formerly came to the day nursery. An open day or day nursery festival tradition(s) should evolve and be held at regular intervals or at specified dates and therefore be known to interested people.



Day nursery festival

At a day nursery festival (for example, in September / October) lots of little games could be played with children who have left the day nursery in the summer (e.g. relay games, ball games, leisure time games). However, there should also be time scheduled so that the former day nursery children could (with a cup of tea) briefly talk about their new school.






Contacts with other educational institutions for children

Periodical contact should be established to other nurseries, particularly to other day nurseries (in motion) and kindergartens, but also to leisure time constitutions such as youth clubs, leisure centres and meeting places.

sharing experiences

mutual games and sports

coupling of cooperation with associations and clubs



Sports competition of the day nurseries

The children of nearby day nurseries know each other partially due to the leisure time or complementary holiday packages, as children attend a partner institution during the holiday of their own day nursery (a partner institution) (required day nursery). Thus, it is natural to meet up again and carry out athletic contests, such as a soccer tournament, competitions in dodge ball, ball over the cord, etc. The competitions should not only be played between the day nurseries, but in mixed teams with each other.






Cooperation with sports clubs

Through the cooperation with sports clubs, the moving activities of the children is enriched on the one hand side, on the other hand side the children are lead towards the offers of the sports clubs. That will be especially successful if the clubs adjust their offers to the particular clientele of elementary school children. Full day offers give special opportunities. A number of day nurseries (for example, in the city of Leipzig) have cooperative agreements with clubs, with the following specific contents:

the use of sports facilities/material belonging to clubs

offers from the sports clubs for primary school children

additional motion programs through club instructors in day nurseries (full-day offers) and implementation of services in the club's facilities (organization of transport is required)

integration of the day nursery into the club life, for example through participation in sport and game festivals

snooper days, for example learn to swim

presentation of club offers in the day nursery, e.g. at parents events, through flyers

support from the club at sports events, projects, holiday activities in the day nursery






Close collaboration with the community and institutions of the country

County and city sports associations, Administration of School (department of students leisure time), public health service/ Health Department, representatives of municipalities and cities, health insurance, accident insurance, endowments, banks, community colleges, music schools, volunteer fire departments, ADAC, German road safety, family education centres of the “Volkssolidarität”, facilities for seniors, school for physical therapy and others, private promoters