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Which forms of teaching in motion can be applied at homework help in the day nursery? The conditions are still significantly different compared to teaching (flexible times, different content and timing requirements within each category, etc.).
Under the terms described before, the students should especially apply the aspect of individual experiences with the motion times as well as the method of learning in motion, dynamic sitting, loosening minutes and cool down phases (see also Muller, 2010). Concretions could be:





get specific information or assistance (more specifically) in the context of tasks (reference works, Internet, peers, or in the care force)

use the space / spaces in certain phases of work, for example teamwork

change the posture independently, apply alternative working postures

use sitting balls, cushions

use relaxation exercises when it is difficult to continue working

relax for a short period of time before doing homework assignments, for example think of something pleasant or a massage with the hedgehog massage ball

apply forms of (the) learning in motion (this requires that the teacher submits appropriate tasks and materials in the day nursery, for example for a migrant dictation), or for solving math-problems that are distributed in the room with the solution on the back side