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Festivities are highlights of the holidays and of course in the entire day nursery life. They live by the participation of all and provide opportunities and time for spontaneous and creative action, where all of the senses should be addressed.






Fragments of ideas:



festivities during the year: carnival, summer festival, autumn festival, Christmas party

festivities in combination with other arts: singing festival, talent show

Further festivities can be designed in connection with projects: forest festival, Indian festival, Circus etc.






Summer Festival

At the summer festival forms of games that can be played during a family vacation and of course, games with water should be in the focus. When the summer festival takes place at an outdoor pool, water games should be added(see Section 6.4).

Games with inflatable water balls

play the ball to your partners as often as possible without touching the ground

hit a sand tower or a deepening

roll the ball around a slalom parcours with your hands or feet

keep the ball up in the air by upper volleyball play

(volley)ball over a cord

footballtennis (see Coordination Games)

Motion market with leisure time materials:

Leisure time materials for the summer holiday as well as everyday materials are set up on stalls. The older day nursery children can help as experts.
Leisure time equipment: soft clays, badminton, table tennis , jump ropes, boccia, Velcro ball games, mini-golf, spring football, Moonhopper, Kickboard, pedalo, Giant Mikado
Everyday materials: yoghurt cups or small stones/corks for aiming, clothes pegs to clip chasing, beer mats for rolling and aiming






Talent Show


depends on the presentation


Small groups prepare for the show of (motion) talents. Dances and songs are being rehearsed, juggling is tried, pyramids are built, goal throwing perfected, balancing with and without equipment is practised etc. During the talent show everything is shown in front of an audience.


as a circus

eventually other sports can be build in (gymnastics, karate, soccer etc.)

other arts can be fitted in

invite guests