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The day nursery has to fulfil a specific educational-, upbringing- and care- task with dependable character that is, largely, even during school holidays and if schools are not offering full-day activities. The column of the holiday activities is from our point of view, a special feature in the image of the house of the moving day nursery compared to the moving school or the moving kindergarten. At some facilities, this period is congruent with the entire school holidays, whereas at others it takes up a long period of the school holidays.
For the content of the holidays, there are a lot of experiences at the individual institutions. Movement activities are without a doubt a part of it. In a moving day nursery holiday activities should not be missing as (it is) an important link between day nursery and the contexts, especially the integration into the community. On the other hand, this linking function makes a (problematic) distinction of other areas problematic – which is in the sense of a holistic educational process not necessary though.






We concentrate on:






Movement Activities During the Holidays





Adventurous Hikes

Festivities and Parties

Day Nursery Sports Days








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