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Main objective


Possible topics








Experience the fascination of motion, games and sports


Bicycle tour through the surrounding area








Arrange motion events with/for others


 Sponsors run
 Motion games at family events








Entertain others with “art movement”











Sponsors Run

During a sponsors run, financial resources for an organization or a common project (e.g. German Children's Cancer Aid) are collected. Such a project could be in the shape of a day nursery in motion. The children are looking for as many sponsors as possible for the race among relatives or friends. They will have to pay a certain amount of money for each lap. The more laps the children run, the higher is the amount of money that can then be used e.g. for games and sports equipment. After the race, each participant accounts with his sponsors. Other project contents:

select a route, create a schedule

write a letter to sponsors (parents, grandparents, businesses in the city, etc.) (What is the reason for running? When is the money paid?!)

invite sponsors and the public press

train for the run

make a running sheet for the participants (contact of sponsors, amount, signature)

mark the race track, name lap counters

calculate total payments, control incomes

choose and order the equipment that shall be purchased for motion activities

publish race results in the local press

Examples include running sheets et al.; Sportpraxis (2009). Sportfeste. 50, (7-8).






Movement games at family events

collect ideas for motion games for family events

try games together and pick some

make flyers or posters and present them in the entrance

include games in the organization of festivals in the day nursery and at home

exchange experiences, maybe alter games

practice games at an event at the refuge together with the parents

game examples: Imp Command, Balloon Dance, Four-Corners-Guessing, Clip - Clap (see Müller, 2006, Bewegtes Lernen Kl. 3/4, Sachunterricht)

balance yoghurt pots, maintain balance, target throwing, scarves ball, charade, tire-toss game, all nine, corks bowling, juggling with a Hacky Sack, dice stacking