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Half-day and full-day trips

Half-day or full-day excursions can pursue the goal of exploring new movement spaces, collect movement experience and expand the ability of motion.

Fragments of ideas:

gym of a school, if the use is not possible on a regular basis, also a boulder wall or a low hanging rope garden of a school

sports facilities of clubs, possibly associated with trial offers, such as table tennis, bowling, inline skating

sports facilities of local supporters: indoor pool, outdoor pool, adventure pool, training fields, climbing wall, adventure playground, ball sports areas, ice rink, skate facilities

sports facilities in universities, polytechnics and colleges during breaks in summer and winter

more opportunities like horse back riding, hay barn playground, play and adventure centres, amusement parks, canoe parcours

exploring trips by bike (older children in day nursery)






Multi-day trips

(There are) Good experiences have been made with vacation trips, organized and prepared by the day nursery together with the children. For example, trips with children, especially in classes from year 2 to 4 to a youth hostel, a school camp, a children's holiday camp, etc. These trips are often the highlights of the year. The children get to know each other, but the teachers get to know the children in other situations as well. Several days are spent together, that is, according to experiences of the teachers of the day nursery of the 89th Dresden Elementary School: talking to each other, listening to each other, accepting different opinions, comply with rules and courtesies agreed upon, helping to motivate each other, showing independence, sharing compassion and joy, develop a sense of community and of togetherness.
There are extensive opportunities to integrate movement activities into the daily routine, such as hikes, field games, touristic content, treasure hunts, romping in the outdoor, animal feeding, bathing and swimming, Circus Camp, Indian or Neptune rituals, night hiking, barbeque and club-cake, disco etc. with own program i.e.