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(Compiled by Lana Michel and Lydia Eidner)






In the following you can find ideas and suggestions regarding the aspects of parental involvement, cooperative (sportive) activity, material/financial support and public relations work. Additionally, we provide organizational directions and advance a proposal which types of schools and grades are most suitable for our suggestions.In order to facilitate the activity’s realization, you can find examples for the required documents below.









Parental Involvement




This first aspect includes every cooperate activity taking place within the framework of school. Therefore, it is primarily designed for (prospective) teachers and shall impart suggestions how to refresh apparently conventional forms of cooperation and its reference to school in motion. The purpose of all these aspects is to involve parents, as part of the school’s community, to the process of school in motion and its concerted realization.









Active parents’ evening




Parents’ Evening in Motion




Letter to Parents




Parental Participation in Advanced Training Courses




Foundation of a Guidance Group




Parental Involvement to School Events




Parental Questionnaires









Cooperative (sportive) Activity




Among these cooperative activities we will introduce events on either sportive or rather social basis. Thereby, we would like to motivate and encourage as many families as possible for teamwork. In this context, collective planning of such activities is just as important as its implementation. If the ideas and wishes of all involved can be integrated, a highly approved event will be created. In doing so, the goals of school in motion can be facilitated either ostensibly or subliminally. However, fun and pleasure have absolute priority for all participants at those meetings.









Active Afternoon













Material/Financial Support




This third section describes opportunities which parents and out-of-school partners have to support school regarding various purchases or activities. We provide examples, in which parents can either participate actively at a fund-raising campaign or help planning and organizing such an event. Through this support, parents have the opportunity to benefit school in motion and do a good dead for the children and adolescents. But the purpose of a fund-raising campaign should not just be a mere handover of financial means. In fact it is rather the organization of an appealing and targeted fringe event to clarify the intentions of school in motion.









Break Play Crate




Sponsorship Run









Public Relations Work




This section describes opportunities and measures schools have to bring information to the attention of parents and others interested. This includes new media as well as traditional forms like newspaper reports or open house days. The ideas are relevant to both teachers and interested and involved parents, who want to enhance the school in motion’s presence. Furthermore, a school’s presence in digital media enables to reach a larger audience whereby new interested parties, proponents and supporters can be found. But the active witnessing of school in motion on an open house day can also motivate parents to discuss the school’s issues and contents and support them.









Newspaper Reports




Open House Days




Posters, Flyers and Information Leaflets