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The following ideas for the contents of the education of motion on excursions or class outings demand a responsible and critical examination under the given conditions. The safety of the pupils, the weather, the environmental protection, the approval of the parents represent the essential criteria of choice.






Explore the nature through situations in motion




walk barefoot through sand, moss, a brook, on a wet meadow

overcome a brook on ropes

go silent through nature and listen to voices of nature

play in the snow, throw snowballs, slide on ice

orientate with map and compass and lead the group on a part of walking tour

look at the nature from above (mountains, towers)

experience the nature in the dark





Play with material of the nature




to build huts, snowmen, castles of sand

to throw with fir cones on targets (trunks…)

to trow flat stones on the water so that they jump

push stones (on a target)

throw javalins (long, pointed sticks) on a target (count the hits of the group)





Use the conditions of the ground for playing






balance over fixed trunks, to pass each other


jump over brooks/ditches

roll sideward from a small slope

climb on hills, walk down a slope

modify games of the P.E.

play games on the given ground





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