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Motion, games and sports are essential parts of festivals in schools. We think that in a festival the offer of games and sports can be included as well.

The traditional three-event competition in athletics could be done in another way, including:
Run: slalom run with “three legs” (the inner legs of two children are carefully bound together);
Jump: jump into zones (jump high and long);
Throw: javalin with small sticks, throw with figures on aims, throw with matches on aims.






Also could be added:




Experiences of skill with scooters, bikes, skates, skateboards, “pedalos”,

“suspended balls” (two persons throw a light ball in the air lying on a towel/table-cloth),

to walk on stilts,

to pick up huge sticks,

Catch-Ball etc.





A games and sports festival could be done with a partner:




to play volley (to play a blown beach ball as often as possible over a line without touching the ground);

penalty shoot out with “three legs” (shoot a ball in a (unguarded) goal from a distance of four to five metres);

"motor race" (two children run a distance in a part of a gymnastics box/hoop);

Roll a ball (to roll a ball on a bench without touching the ground);

Sack race;

badminton on a stool (stand on a stool and play badminton, the shuttlecock and you should not touch the ground).





An interesting variety are games and sports festivals with a special motto, like a fairytale festival, olympics of nonsense (see also: Leichtathletische Nonsens-Olympiade by A. Leiste), a festival of neptune, games in snow, a carnival in school, a fair of games.






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