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Games on the school playground belong to an old, but in a lot of schools to an almost forgotten culture of motion. Maybe parents and teachers remember their own activities, while playing ball test, games with marbles or “Gummihopse”
Who wants to resuscitate such activities of motion has to deal with the special situation on the school playground.








Children hardly spend the break with the whole class.

Offer games for small groups or pairs!

Breaks on the school playground are too short to use a lot of devices.

Provide boxes with small devices!

High intensities produce sweating pupils.

Encourage for games in motion with small strains!

The “big“ and the “small“ pupils mostly spend the break together on the school playground.

Create zones for activity and/or use the older pupils as judges!






The aim of an initiative for games on the school playground is to make it possible for the children to collect their own experiences in playing during the break. If you want to reach this, you will have to influence the behaviour and the given conditions. That is why the P.E. teacher cannot be left alone with the topic games on the school playground. Everybody should make suggestions (teachers, parents, the day nursery) including a lot of subjects.






In the German lesson descriptions of games can be used for getting to know the sense while reading or to define the parts of sentences.



For chosen topics of the natural sciences in primary school concrete games like “compass card” or “Planned Hunting” suit.



Projects like the design of the school playground or to explore the old games played by the parents and grandparents on the school playground can be done in connection with different subjects.







The interests of the pupils are, of course, very various. That is why there should be a variety of games, summarised in a collection of games for children. Games with a lot of jumping and cooperative games are suitable contents, according our experiences. If the weather is bad, the games in the school building / classroom or the open gymnasium will suit.

Concrete stimulations are shown in the following choice of games and in the presented literature.

Games with marbles
Jumping games







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