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Learning in motion in the school for learning difficulties in Flöha:






We are one of the two schools for learning difficulties in Saxony taking part on this pilot project.



Our peculiarity: Breaks in motion in the alternative gymnasium.








Every grade has defined days when the gymnasium is opened for them:

The gymnasium is used unmodified:

sports and play equipment are chosen by the children

participation is voluntarily

rules are arranged commonly

shoes need to be changed






Our arguments supporting the alternative gymnasium:


Pupils calm down controlled.

Conflicts are seldom.

In the following lessons there is a raising ability to concentrate.

In comparison to turbulent breaks on the school playground accidents rather decrease than increase.

Pupils open up rooms for activity in a time with a lack of motion and they try new things.

There is no problem with supervision. In the alternative gymnasium one teacher is looking after 20 children or plays even with them without any stress. On the school playground five teachers look after 200 pupils full of stress.

From the beginning up to now, the pupils are enthusiastic about the measure.





Our recommendation: just try – you will suceed!












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