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The crèche and kindergarten are usually joined a community institution. This spatial proximity must to be filled with life when it comes to doing activities.
Ideas from the kindergarten:



Visit to a kindergarten



We congratulate on birthdays in the kindergarten



Festivals (Witch Festival, Water Festival, Dance Festival, etc.)



Sports day in kindergarten (or at a sports facility in town)









Collective exercising (children from day-nursery together with their “godfathers” in pre-school)



Collective gaming and exercising during the early and late shift, on the hallways, etc.






Communication between Crèche/Kindergarten and Child Day-Care






A transition to a day-care child facility for children around three years can get well-prepared and simplified by the communication between crèche/kindergarten and the day-care attendant.
Collection of ideas of communications:



Visit to a day-care child facility and collective gaming with the older and younger children, exploring the rooms and the material



Participation in a gaming festival or something similar at the day-care child facility



Coming and playing together on a playground nearby



Shortly before the transition to kindergarten the child should spend one day per week as a guest child at the future facility



Conversations between educators and day care attendants concerning the personal development of the children that are going to attend the facility are very important, furthermore conversations about the topic “Exercising” help to combine similarities and overcome demarcations.






Cooperation with other day-care child facilities, with sports clubs and other institutions (sickness funds, the Volkssolidaritaet, physiotherapy, private initiators and their exercise offerings and others)