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Playful forms for training coordination during walks

walk/run on narrow or uneven forest tracks (up-/downhill)

walk/run with and against the wind

walk on a line drawn in the forest, run around puddles or trees

creep through grass of meadows

climb up hills, walls, stairs and logs

jump over small things like sticks, branches, roots, puddles

balance over low edges

imitate movements (squatting, clapping, looking through legs)

throw little stones into the water

throw acorns, beechnuts, chestnuts at different targets (in a puddle, deepening or painted form, against trees, over bushes), varying distance

roll chest- or walnuts (towards a target)

watch animals (squirrels, birds, frogs, rabbits, grasshoppers and others) and imitate their movements

do a leaves-battle (throwing with leaves, lying on pile of leaves)

produce and follow traces in the snow, form and throw snowballs